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Intensive French course for beginners

Master the basics of French!

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Formation de 4 semaines

4 weeks of classes
Fast-track your French with this beginners’ course

60 min a day
With 5 lessons a week, learn at your own pace on a flexible schedule

Programme accompagné

Supported learning
You’re not alone! Interact with your tutor on a daily basis

Certification de réussite

Completion certification
Show employers you’ve got the skills, trigger opportunities!

Start your first conversations in French

Each lesson in this French course for beginners provides you with the fundamental keys to communicating effectively:

  • Greeting someone
  • Introducing yourself
  • Requesting information
  • Understanding a simple conversation

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Cours de français débutant Parlez-vous French
Cours de français pour débutants

French for beginners
with a simple method
and high quality resources

Access exclusive, high quality content:

  • 125 HD videos subtitled in French
  • 25 oral and written comprehension exercises
  • 4 exclusive eBooks available for download
  • 4 written assignments corrected by your tutor
  • 800+ questions to test your knowledge

Embark on your language learning journey! This French course for beginners is designed to facilitate the learning process. It is progressive and clearly structured to pave your way to success!

Earn a certificate and boost your profile

At the end of this French course for beginners, you will sit a final exam and, following successful completion, you will receive a certificate.

You can add this qualification to your CV or your professional profile to prove to employers your level of proficiency in French.

Pour vous

This course is for you if:

  • You want to learn the basics of communicating in French.
  • You are a complete beginner or have very basic French.
  • You are planning to visit or would like to live in a French-speaking country.
Pas pour vous

This course is not for you if:

  • You have intermediate or advanced level French.
  • You want to learn French in your native language.
  • You don’t have time to learn French.
  • You don’t have a reliable internet connection.

Your French tutor

Anne is the founder of, a website for learning French.

Passionate about teaching French to non-native speakers, Anne designed this course for anyone looking to learn beginners’ French, building on her experience as a teacher of French as a foreign language.

She will support you throughout the course and will answer your questions.

Anne Parlez-vous French

Course content


cours de français débutant



Talking about yourself and your family

It is essential to be able to talk about yourself. This will be your first step in learning French.

You will learn how to present your identity and that of your family members: date and place of birth, nationality, marital status, etc.

By the end of the first week, you will be able to engage in a simple dialogue with a French speaker and introduce yourself.

Week 4 learning objectives
  • Introducing yourself.
  • Talking about where you come from.
  • Talking about your likes and dislikes.
  • Talking about your family.



Starting to converse

This second week is a key step in learning to talk to French speakers.

You will learn to express your everyday needs: shopping for basic necessities, giving precise information about something or talking to a doctor about your health.

By the end of the second week, you will be able to ask simple questions and give precise answers.

Week 4 learning objectives
  • Buying groceries
  • Talking about sports, cultural and musical activities.
  • Describing something precisely.
  • Talking about your health.



Developing your everyday conversations

During the third week of this course, you will learn to develop your speaking skills to interact with French speakers.

In the street, at a restaurant, in a café, you will need to interact with other people.

By the end of this week, you will be able to ask for and give directions, ask and tell the time, place an order, etc.

Week 4 learning objectives
  • Describing your daily life.
  • Placing an order.
  • Asking for directions.
  • Giving directions.
  • Locating an object.
  • Telling the time.



Furthering your conversation skills

During the fourth and final week of this French course for beginners, you will enhance your conversation skills.

You will now be able to enjoy talking in French about key topics: leisure activities, work, holidays, etc.

By the end of the week you will be capable of giving a detailed account of your weekend, planning your holidays, and communicating with your colleagues.

Week 4 learning objectives
  • Talking about your plans for the weekend.
  • Describing your holidays or weekend.
  • Talking about your leisure activities.
  • Communicating in your workplace.


Validating your knowledge

Once you have completed this 4-week French course for beginners, you will sit a final exam to validate your knowledge and earn a certificate.

To obtain the course certificate you must:
  • Complete all the lessons of the 4-week course
  • Submit the four written assignments, which will be corrected by your tutor
  • Obtain a score of at least 80% in the final exam. If you do not achieve a sufficient score, it is possible to retake the exam (free of charge).

Once you have successfully passed the final exam, you will receive your certificate in PDF format by email. You can then add it to your CV and your online professional profiles.


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French course for beginners

169 €
  • 4 weeks of classes (20 lessons)
  • 4 individually corrected assignments
  • Proficiency tests each week
  • Course certificate
  • 12-month course access
  • 4 downloadable eBooks

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can start the course immediately after payment. You will have access to the first week of lessons and will therefore be able to begin the course. Alternatively, you can choose to start a few days later to suit your schedule. Your tutor will be there to answer your questions and help you as you go along.

No, this course is only available in French, with French subtitles. It is an immersion course. This is the most effective way of making fast progress in French. But don’t worry, every effort is made to facilitate comprehension in a progressive manner.

Once your enrolment has been validated, you can access all the course content for 12 months (1 year). Beyond this period, if you wish to extend your access, please contact us.

Of course! This course can be accessed worldwide as long as you have a sufficient internet connection and a PC, tablet or smartphone.

This course is only accessible online. The course videos cannot be downloaded. However you can download the 4 eBooks included in this course. These books contain all the important notions to remember.

No, this French course for beginners is designed to be taken over a 4-week period. It’s not simply a series of lessons but rather a complete learning programme based on a progressive teaching process.

You are however free to organise each week’s lessons to suit you. For instance, you can take one lesson a day for 5 days, or do several lessons on the same day.

Every 7 days, a new week of lessons becomes available. You therefore cannot access the content of week 3 for instance from day one. This ensures regular progress and is the key to your success.

We accept most bank cards via the Stripe payment platform. We also accept payments via Paypal.

Yes, you will automatically receive a receipt for your payment by email. You can download the invoice for your payment by logging in to your account.

Learner satisfaction is a priority for us. That’s why you have 7 days to change your mind. If you think the course is not for you, send us an email and we will give you a full refund.

Yes ! No need to download an app, the learning platform adapts to all screens.

How can I learn beginners’ French?

Learning a new language isn’t easy! To learn French as a beginner, you need to start with the basics: introducing yourself, talking about your activities and habits, etc.
It is also very important to work on your comprehension skills to be able to interact with French speakers.
With this course French for Beginners, you will learn the basics for communicating in French.

I’m not a beginner. Are other French courses available?

You aren’t a beginner in French? Take a look at our intermediate level French and advanced level French courses!

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Karim S.

Cours débutante en francais

Reviewed on June 03, 2021 | Verified purchase

Cet étudiant n’a pas laissé de commentaire pour cet avis.

Jane P.

Note cours francais parlez vous french

Reviewed on June 03, 2021 | Verified purchase

Le cours était bien, et j’ai fait de progrès. Merci Anne .

Elliot M.

Cours débutante en francais

Reviewed on June 01, 2021 | Verified purchase

j’ai trouve parfait ce. cours. j’ai envie de continué avec le course pour intermédiaire.

Katie G.

Cours francais pour le debutant

Reviewed on May 25, 2021 | Verified purchase

Mon niveau est beaucoup progresse. Merci anne.

Tarek S.

Programme debutant

Reviewed on May 16, 2021 | Verified purchase

Merci pour le travail dans le cours, j’ai progrès beaucoup en français.

Luis H.

Cours debutant

Reviewed on May 15, 2021 | Verified purchase

Le cours es difficile pour moi car mon niveau est très debutant. Très content du cours .

Ali H.

Cours de francais débutant

Reviewed on May 03, 2021 | Verified purchase

J’ai très heureuse d’avoir suivi ce cours avec Anne. J’ai très amélioré mon niveau en francais.

Yuna B.


Reviewed on April 28, 2021 | Verified purchase

Merci infinimant madame Anne

Alma D.


Reviewed on April 25, 2021 | Verified purchase

J’aime beaucoup la métode ! Le cours es parfait.

Sandra D.

Cours genial

Reviewed on April 13, 2021 | Verified purchase

Je trouve que le course a été genial. Merci

Johanne L.

Bon prof

Reviewed on April 10, 2021 | Verified purchase

Anne est un bon prof.

Justin C.

Cours débutante

Reviewed on April 8, 2021 | Verified purchase

J’ai appris beaucoup avec ce cour ! Merci Madame Anne !

Mario A.

Programme de français débutant

Reviewed on April 8, 2021 | Verified purchase

Anne est vreiment gentil, et prefessionnelle. Merci pour le cours.

Raúl C.

Débutant Intensif – Évaluation

Reviewed on April 6, 2021 | Verified purchase

Cet un programme excellent. La méthodologie est vraiment superior. Je sens qui j’ai reussi beacoup de progrès de apprentissage.